A marriage vow says, "Til death do us part." But what if your husband's behavior is so outrageous, you fear he'll end up in an early grave ... or you will?



Lucky to Be Alive

Danny Bonaduce was a child star on the '70s show The Partridge Family, but now he's infamous for bad behavior. He has been arrested for drug possession and has cheated on his wife, Gretchen. Danny says he's finally sober, but Gretchen can't stop being suspicious. 


Is it too soon for her to trust him?



On the Run

Maggie says she can't deal with her fiancé, Michael's, chaotic ways. Michael admits that he's verbally abusive, but says he wants to stop. Maggie moved halfway across the country and took their child without telling him.


Can Michael get his family back, or is Maggie fed up?