One in five adult Americans lived with an alcoholic while growing up. Alcoholism runs in families, and children of alcoholics are four times more likely than other children to become alcoholics. Dr. Phil and Robin each share personal stories of dealing with an alcoholic parent and talk about their life choices based on that childhood experience. Plus, a daughter's words send her famous father into rehab.



The Strength of a Woman

In her book, Inside My Heart, Robin devotes a chapter to one of her biggest struggles " growing up with her father's alcohol addiction " and the choices she made at a young age that helped her become who she is today.  


"I lived a great deal of my life in uncertainty."



An Embarrassment to the Town?

James was adored by his community and won the race for mayor by a landslide. But now, his wife, Jill, says he's the town drunk and a horrible influence on their 15-year-old son. 


"I drank a pint of vodka every day until I got arrested."



"I Just Want a Sober Father"

James' and Jill's son, Robert, says he has only known two parts to his father: the angry side and the drunk side. He searches the house for his father's booze, empties the bottles and collects them like trophies.  


Each bottle represents a time when he has kept his father from drinking.



Never Too Late

Pat Summerall has been known as the voice of the NFL, but life on the fast track nearly killed him. He calls his intervention in 1992 "wrenching, heartbreaking and profoundly embarrassing," but says he'll forever be grateful for it.  


It was the words of his daughter that committed him to rehab.

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