Hot topics in the news always have everyone taking sides. Dr. Phil's guests are trying to persuade him to see their point of view and convince him that they're not doing anything wrong!



Fighting for the Camera 

Ty Beeson produces a video series where the homeless are encouraged to fight on camera and perform what some describe as demeaning stunts. Critics believe they could be responsible for inciting people to commit violence against transients.


"I'm turning these people into something special."



Beaten with a Baseball Bat

Simone says that society treats the homeless as subhuman, and Ty's videos are contributing to the problem. She knows firsthand how the violence can lead to death.



Remembering a brother.



Should Ultra-Thin Models be Banned?

Drew is against keeping ultra-thin models off the runway. He says it's not the fashion industry's responsibility to keep an eye on these girls, and that models are supposed to promote a fantasy. Two former models weigh in.


A heated discussion ensues.

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To prevent/stop hate crimes/violence against homeless people, contact
National Coalition for the Homeless: