The holidays are here, but some households never experience "peace on earth." Dr. Phil's guests refuse to embrace the spirit of the season, and say Christmas is the worst time of the year!



Coming Unwrapped at Christmas

Joyce has been married to Rick for 27 years, and has hated the holidays for 26 years. She refuses to put up a tree, decorate her house or listen to Christmas carols. Rick says she even flipped out when he dangled mistletoe over her head!

What's behind Joyce's "Bah humbug!" attitude?



The Three Battlers 

Val has 11 kids, but says her three daughters stop at nothing to wreck the holidays. They fight over everything " from peeling potatoes to decorating the tree. One daughter even resorted to breaking her sister's finger on Christmas day!


Find out what drastic move Val is considering.



'Tis the Season

For the third straight year, Dr. Phil and Robin hosted "Christmas in Washington" to help celebrate the true holiday spirit! 



Find out what you can do to spread some holiday joy to needy kids!

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