Since first appearing on the show, they've changed habits, experienced big surprises and made some unbelievable life transformations! Dr. Phil checks in with some memorable past guests.



"A Dream Come True"

Marlon and Shamika came to see Dr. Phil three times before divorcing. Since then, they realized they couldn't live without each other, fell back in love and got re-engaged! Now, you're cordially invited to Marlon and Shamika's wedding!  


Doing it right the second time around.



A Domestic Partner, Not a Slave

Jason and Terrie had a hard time compromising over the division of labor. Jason felt burdened by all the responsibilities and said his wife was "lazy." Terrie admitted she was holding resentment from something in the past.


Making major improvements, but still struggling to trust.



Amazing Transformation

Rick was a self-proclaimed "average Joe" who believed his weight was keeping him from finding love. But was he really using it as an excuse? After losing over 100 pounds, Rick says he feels like a new man, but has one more question.   


"Why am I still choosing to be single?"



Homeless Heartbreak

After an unexpected illness, Manuel and Heather and their four children suddenly found themselves homeless and living in an RV. Dr. Phil had a surprise for this deserving family, to help them get back on their feet.


See them on move-in day!



Natalee Holloway Update

She disappeared on her senior trip to Aruba, and her mother has been on a desperate search for answers ever since. Beth sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss new developments in her missing daughter's case.


Working diligently to find answers.


Newlywed Checkups
Three engaged couples went through Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp to see if they were ready to tie the knot. It's been two years and all three couples have big news!



Starting their lives together on the right foot.

Extra Content

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  • Dr. Thomas Mooney
  • Robert Reames
  • Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation (LHCDC)
  • Posh Living
  • Shaw Talley and Dr. Gary Linker from The Safe Parking Program
  • Dr. Van Austin