Are you one of the 90 million single people in America in search of Mr. or Miss Right? Internet dating is the number one way people are meeting these days. But is there a right and wrong way to set up your online profile? Dr. Phil has advice and tips for finding "the one." 



Being Picky = Loneliness?

Meredith says that while her friends have found "the one," all she has found is the hairiest one, the baldest one, or the shortest one. Her friends and family say she is just too darn picky!  


Will Dr. Phil convince Meredith to give men more of a chance?



How Do You Meet Mr. Right?

Lynette says she has no idea what to do or where to go to meet a mate. With the help of, she creates a winning personal profile to explore the online dating world. Does she find a man she likes?


See Dr. Phil's surprise for Lynette.



Match Made in Heaven?

Do you think you could look across a room and figure out who best matches your likes and dislikes? Brett, 34 and single, is put to the test! Can he pick out the woman chose as the best match for him?


 "I want the big house, the white picket fence, the two-and-a-half kids and the dog." 

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