When the New Year comes around, most people resolve to lose weight and stop smoking, but these guests have unusual New Year's resolutions, and they need help making them stick.



Can She Face the Fuzz?

Laura's fear of furry, costumed characters and clowns is so strong, she won't take her son to an amusement park or let him dress up for Halloween. Can Laura overcome her fear by the end of the show? 


"It's their size, their hands and their big grin."



Conquering the Computer

Cindy says computers will suck people's brains out, could shock her to death through the mouse and are going to take over the world. In spite of this, she wants to learn to use a computer for the first time, before her 50th birthday.


"They are going to band together and annihilate everyone."



Putting Her Blanket to Bed

Greta, 22, is so connected to her Tee Tee that she fears it will come between her and her fiancé in bed. Can she learn to give up her life-long attachment before walking down the aisle? 


"It calms me, and it's just a sense of security."



Minding Her Mouth

Lisa advises people to do something every day, because it will make them feel great in just minutes, but she's too lazy to do it herself. She's ready to come clean about her dirty secret. 


Why is it such a big deal?