Our parents are among the most pivotal people in our life. They literally shape our minds and our personalities, teach us morals, values, and right from wrong. So when a parent disappears from a child's life, the loss can result in a life-long quest. Dr. Phil meets two women whose child/parent bond was broken under two separate sets of devastating circumstances.



A Mother Murdered
Erica is in search of the man who murdered her mom when Erica was just a toddler. He tortured her mother, then shot her on the front lawn. The man who committed this horrifying crime is Erica's own father.

Follow Erica's emotional account of that day's events.



Reliving the Loss
Now that Erica's father is out of jail, Erica wants to confront him. When Dr. Phil sends private investigator Harold Copus in search of the ex-convict, even Harold isn't prepared for what he finds.

Where is Erica's father, the man who killed her mother?



A Daughter Disconnected
Cressi says that her daughter, Darby, was taken from her home by her ex-husband when she was just 8 months old. She has not seen her little girl since and fears that Darby doesn't know the truth about what happened nearly 20 years ago.

Does Darby have a right to feel abandoned?



A Kidnapping or Abandonment?
Darby's grandmother joins Dr. Phil to speak on Darby's behalf. And Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Cressi that he knows Darby will ask.


"She never once asked me about Darby."

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