Criminals, deadbeats and bad boys " most women run from these types of men. But Dr. Phil's guests say Mr. Wrong is the right guy from them, even though their family members disapprove of their love affairs.



Unfit Father?

Kelly says her daughter, Heather's, husband is a lazy deadbeat who can't provide for the family. Heather, 25, lost her children because of her relationship with Earl, but she says she stands by her 41-year-old husband and wants her parents to stop sabotaging their marriage.


Does Earl deserve a second chance?



Jailhouse Romance

Sarah, 29, has already been married to three men in prison, and her current husband is serving life for murder. She says her two young daughters love visiting their step-dad behind bars. Why is Sarah only drawn to this type of man?


"Bringing my kids to prison and being searched for drugs is just a routine we have."



Flash Forward

Darlene gave up nearly 20 years of her life when she fell in love with a man serving life behind bars. She has an important message for Sarah.



Will Sarah feel differently after meeting Darlene?