Imagine waking up one morning and feeling like you're trapped in the wrong body. Gender identity crisis causes confusion, and can make the average person uncomfortable. Dr. Phil has advice for people embracing this lifestyle, and the loved ones who struggle for acceptance.



Longing to Be Male

Bernadette started dressing like a boy in high school. Now 37, he wants to be referred to as Cameron, and wants his breasts surgically removed. Cameron's mom, Antoinette, and his aunts say he's just angry, lost and confused.


Will they ever accept Cameron's decision to become a man?




Cross-Dressing Teen

Should a high school boy who dresses like a girl be allowed to use the girls' bathroom? That's the issue one Florida high school faced. The boy's lawyer and two moms from the community engage in a heated debate.


What does Dr. Phil think?



"She's Not an It"

Jim and Linda's 4-year-old daughter, Kayleigh, was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition where she looks like a female on the outside, but inside, she's an underdeveloped male.


Should Jim and Linda be forced to decide Kayleigh's gender?



A Painful Transition

Krista was born male but has been living as a female for almost a year. Because of her choice to be female, she says she has lost jobs and experienced alienation.



"Do you worry about this creating confusion?"