Sometimes determining who's to blame for problems within a dysfunctional family is hard. The parent blames the child. The child blames the parent. Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of the debate!



Escalating Violence

Penny says her life is in shambles because her 17-year-old son, Jason, is threatening and violent. Jason says it's his mother's fault because she's an alcoholic. Penny's sister, Jackie, is worried they will kill each other. 


Jason records his mother on video.



Living in Denial?

Dr. Phil doesn't mix words when he tells Jason and Penny what he thinks about their relationship. Will Penny continue to trivialize her drinking problem and deny any ownership in Jason's behavior?


"I think you are a self-destructive alcoholic."



Playing Favorites 

Kim is a single mother of three, who says she loves her middle son, Cullen, the most. She admits she has photos of him all over the house " but not of her other two sons " because Cullen is her favorite. 


Could a child bring bad luck?



A Childhood Lost

Kim's older son, Shelby, 14, says he worries about his baby brother having the same childhood as he " one of neglect and rejection. Dr. Phil explains how Kim's favoritism is toxic to all her children.


"You're using that child to his detriment."

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