Do you know people whose egos are off the charts? Dr. Phil's guests take self-love to the extreme.



War of the Egos

Renee believes that she's right all the time and even brags that her friends worship her. Her fiancé, Chuck, says Renee is confused because he's the one who excels at everything. 


Find out why the police were recently at their house.



Conceited or Confident?

Desiree says her husband-to-be, Anthony, thinks he's God's gift to women. She says he won't go to the gas station without putting on cologne, tells his family he's "sexy as hell," and he even puts on stripteases... for himself!


Will Anthony's big head cause big problems in his marriage?



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...

See the hidden-camera experiment that Dr. Phil conducts on his audience. 




Is this a reflection of society?