Torn apart by jealousy, lies and deceit, Dr. Phil's guests say they're at a crossroads in their relationship and wondering which way to turn.



Jealous and Suspicious

Terry says her partner, Chris, is insanely jealous and accuses her of cheating with her ex-husband, Jim. He monitors her phone calls, marks her tires and spies on her at work. Terry and Chris used to be married, until his jealousy drove her away.


Does Chris have reason to be suspicious?



The Family's Perspective

Terry's children, Nicki and Neal, say Chris tries to control their mother and keep her from being with her family. Terry says Chris calls her son names, and has even been in physical fights with him. So why is she still with him? 


"I love her to death. I think the world of her."



Marriage Based on Lies?

Amy says she got the shock of her life when she learned that her husband, Donovan, had cheated on her. Then she learned he had not one, but five love affairs. Is their 16-year marriage salvageable?  


Dr. Phil has one question for Amy to determine the answer.