Bullying has been making front page news and causing outrage across the country. It's a dangerous trend that has grown out of control. Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, offer insight and advice for ending the torment.



Attack on Tape

Dr. Phil plays a disturbing video that has been broadcast over the Internet and news. Three high school girls brutally pummel a 13-year-old while a video camera captures every slap, punch and horrifying kick.


How can you protect your kids?



Scared at School

Natasha, 15, admits that she has no problem pushing, hitting and cursing out any student who doesn't do what she says. Natasha faces off with Sarah and Dory, two girls she continually taunts at school.


The girls' parents weigh in.



Fighting Back

Dr. Phil's son, Jay, has visited schools across the nation to help them implement anti-bullying initiatives. He has an empowering message for the teens.



Find out how to get active in your child's school.



Still at Odds?

Dr. Phil wants Natasha to understand that her actions are deplorable, but that he's not condemning her. He offers the teens' families tools to move forward.



Will Sarah and Dory accept Natasha's apology? 

Extra Content

Dr. Phil encourages parents, students and teachers to launch anti-bullying campaigns in schools across the country. Click on the links below to print three different pledges, make copies, distribute, and honor the pledges!