Dr. Phil follows the continuing story of Erica, who as a little girl survived the unthinkable. At just 2 years old, she says she witnessed her father torture and kill her mother. When she was last on the show, she told  Dr. Phil that she was ready to confront her father, and now she will get her chance.



The Anticiptation Builds

For the first time in over 20 years Erica will face her father, Mark, who fell back into drug use after his release from prison, and who has been undergoing drug treatment. Both father and daughter feel conflicted about their impending bittersweet reunion.



What expectations are Mark and Erica bringing to the encounter?



Witness to the Unthinkable

Erica's sister, Rachel, feels equally conflicted about seeing the man who took her mother's life. Because she was 4 years old when the murder happened, she remembers a lot more than her little sister.




"I have a few memories of my father, none of them good."



Confronting a Killer

Mark says he's ready to face his daughter, but before he does, Dr. Phil has some tough questions.





Does Mark deserve to sit with Erica and Rachel? What does Dr. Phil think? 



Father and Daughter Reunited

Mark comes out to sit with his daughter, Erica, in a moment that was 20-plus years in the making. Will Erica accept Mark's affection?





"Did you love her? Did you love us?"


The story continues in Part 2.

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