Dr. Phil continues the tense and dramatic story of Erica, who came to him for help with confronting her father who murdered her mother 20 years ago. 

Take a look back at A Difficult Reunion, Part 1.


Backstage Blowout
After Mark storms off from an emotional reunion with Erica, Dr. Phil goes backstage to confront him and winds up on the receiving end of an explosive emotional outburst.


"You're a pompous ass, you know that?"



Robin, from the Heart

While Dr. Phil holds a one-on-one closed-door meeting with Mark without cameras, Robin steps in to talk to Erica and Rachel about how they feel following an emotional encounter with their father.


Learn Robin's sage advice for the sisters.



Reunion Resumed
Erica heads back to the green room to confront her father again. Meanwhile, Rachel and Denise observe their meeting from backstage, until Rachel feels compelled to say her piece to Mark.


"All I really want is an apology from you. One that you mean."




The Final Analysis
The outcome of this heart-wrenching reunion is a brew of mixed emotions.  Find out what Erica, Rachel, Denise and Mark had to say after the show.


"It's not an easy thing to look your daughter in the eye and say, 'I killed your mother. I'm sorry.'"

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