Everywhere you turn, stick-thin bodies are glamorized as beautiful, but not all men prefer these types of women. Dr. Phil's guests love their women curvy, round and voluptuous, even though they face criticism and ridicule from their family and friends.



Chubby Chaser

Clayton loves his wife, Cheryl's, 300-pound body. He's turned on by what he calls her tabletop booty and likes to watch her jiggle. Cheryl says she's not happy at her size but fears that if she loses weight, she may also lose her marriage.


Does Clayton sabotage Cheryl to keep her overweight?



Bickering Brothers

Phillip says he prefers to date women who are at least 250 pounds. His twin brother, Paul, is so disgusted by the plus-size women he brings home, he calls them fat and stinky to their face. Paul says Phillip is embarrassing the family.


"My brother would have to stop dating big women for us to have a normal relationship."



Club Bounce

Take a look inside a specialty nightclub that caters to big, beautiful women, and meet the men who can't get enough of them.  



All shapes and sizes welcome.