Meet three women ready to divorce their controlling and chauvinistic husbands. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriages – and their sanity – Tara, Amanda and Cherie turn their husbands, Scott, Nic and John, in to Dr. Phil's Man Camp, an intensive week-long stay in The Dr. Phil House, designed to give them an attitude adjustment and a new appreciation for their wives. With toxic attitudes, explosive fights and abusive behavior, can these three couples repair the damage and save their marriages?

Part 1 summary:
Unbeknownst to the husbands, their wives are brought to The Dr. Phil House as well. While the men are away, the women get to play: by leaving a colossal mess for the men to clean up! When the men see the destruction and learn their time to clean has come, tempers flare. Furious, Scott refuses to participate and demands an explanation. After a heated discussion, he hangs up on Dr. Phil and storms out, leaving a broken-hearted Tara behind. Can she convince Scott to return with a participative spirit, or is this the end of their stay … and their relationship?


Part 2 summary:
After Scott refuses to clean up a mess in the house, he has an angry discussion with Dr. Phil and storms out. His wife, Tara, begs Dr. Phil to approach Scott in a different way so he won't leave, but Dr. Phil says he refuses to reward tantrum behavior. When Tara tries to convince her husband to give Man Camp another shot, a huge argument erupts and Scott leaves again. Tara resolves not to quit and is touched when she gets a hand-written message from Dr. Phil. As Nick and John roll up their sleeves and clean the messy house, their wives secretly watch in amazement. Will the men have a new appreciation for what their better halves do on a daily basis? Unable to book a flight home, Scott joins the other husbands for dinner and agrees to stay until morning. Dr. Phil sits down with Scott, who admits he overreacted the previous evening. When Tara joins the conversation, Dr. Phil offers to help them get the skills they need to communicate without fighting. Scott agrees to stay. Then, Dr. Phil talks with Nic and Amanda and warns them that a secret rendezvous they had almost got them kicked out of Man Camp. Will they recommit to the process, and will Amanda agree to bring in the man she's cheating with, so Dr. Phil can face him?

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