For almost 30 years, Thomas has been driven by an obsession that has nearly destroyed his life. However, he has managed to keep this dark and dangerous secret from his friends and family. With the help of Dr. Phil, Thomas is finally ready to come clean.



Living a Double Life

Thomas is an exhibitionist. He claims to have exposed himself to over 50,000 women during a 25-year period. As a result, he has been convicted of felonies and served time in prison. 


"I could not run away from this. Wherever I went, it followed me." 



Revealing All to the Woman He Loves

Thomas angrily explains his frustrations to Dr. Phil but eventually asks for his help in breaking the news to his girlfriend, Tasha, a woman he would like to marry. She has no idea of his past indiscretions.


How will Tasha react?



What You Didn't See

After the show, Thomas expresses his feelings about what has just taken place. 




"I don't think Dr. Phil really gets it."