More than half a billion adults are overweight worldwide, but even more shocking is that millions of children are already on the road to obesity. Dr. Phil has advice for getting your kids on the path to wellness.




A Heavy Burden

Harrison is only 7 years old but already weighs 152 pounds. Amy says her husband, Tim, feeds the boy cookies and ice cream, and even sneaks sugary snacks into his room at night. Amy fears that they're killing their son with food.


Is Tim the only one to blame for Harrison's weight problem?



Hooked on Twinkies

Carla's 4-year-old grandson, Logan, is already 30 pounds overweight. She says he breaks into the cupboard to sneak junk food. Carla wants to help him, but says she can't discuss the problem with her daughter, Jennifer, without a fight.


"You are sabotaging his life!"



Morbidly Obese Toddler

When Josh was on the show four years ago, he was 4 years old, 150 pounds and could barely walk. Dr. Phil worried that the little boy wouldn't live to see another year.



Is Josh still in jeopardy?