Imagine your weight getting so out of control that it confined you to your home, to a room, even to a bed. Dr. Phil's guests say they feel trapped and isolated in their homes and miss their loved ones.



Happy and Content?

At 5 feet 2 inches tall and 500 pounds, Cindy says that even walking a short distance leaves her breathless, so she doesn't leave her living room very often. She urinates in a plastic box and cooks dinner on her coffee table.  


Cindy's 15-year-old daughter takes care of her.



Family Reunion

Cindy hasn't seen her mother, Linda, in eight years because traveling is too difficult and painful, and she would have to buy two plane tickets to sit comfortably. Linda worries that every time she sees her daughter that it will be the last time. 


"I love Cindy to pieces."




The last time he was able to weigh himself, Bob was over 900 pounds. He has been confined to his bedroom for two years and relies on his mother to send him food.  



"I can barely get out of bed."



Biggest Supporter

Bob sees a friend he speaks with almost every day but has never met. Then, Dr. Phil shows Bob and Cindy what they would look like at a healthy weight. Is it enough to inspire them to change? 


A doctor estimates Bob's current weight. 

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