In a marriage, an affair is the ultimate betrayal. But imagine finding out that your husband cheated on you ... with your sister!



A Family Affair

Bettie says her husband, John, destroyed her trust when he had a six-month relationship with her sister, Molly " an affair that occurred under Bettie's own roof.


Should Bettie forgive and forget?


Twisted Sister? 

Molly explains how the affair unfolded with her brother-in-law. Find out why she says John is not the man Bettie thinks he is.  


Will Bettie's hurt feelings destroy her relationship with her sister?


Mom in the Middle 

Bettie's mother, Virginia, overheard an intimate phone call between Molly and John, which confirmed their affair. She says she doesn't know why Bettie married John in the first place. 

"I blame John, mostly."



Back to Square One

The couple faces off, and tries to decide if their marriage can be salvaged. Dr. Phil has some hard questions for John.



"This marriage is sinking." 

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Julie Nise, MA, LMFT, LPC
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