The bad behavior of some young celebutantes is all over the news " Paris Hilton getting pulled over for drunk driving, and Britney Spears partying with no panties. Dr. Phil's guests are spiraling out of control by emulating the celebrity life.



Life in the Fast Lane

Chelsey, 21, loves limousines, nightclubs and tequila shots. Her obsession with partying is so bad that she's been in drug rehab three times in the past three years! Chelsey's mom, Renee, worries that she's on a deadly course.


Can Chelsey change her ways, or is the damage beyond repair? 


She Likes to Party All the Time

Raquel thinks nothing of driving drunk, wearing sexy clothes and flirting with the boyfriends of other women. She even travels with an entourage! Raquel's sister, Angie, believes she's destroying her career by living the high life.


Will Raquel sober up when Dr. Phil gives her a dose of reality?