The story of Marie, Crissy and Jen continues. These three potential adoptive mothers were allegedly scammed by Melissa, a woman who claimed to be pregnant with a child meant for them. Melissa agreed to meet Crissy face to face, but can Dr. Phil convince her to give the same satisfaction to her other two accusers?



Crissy's Plea

Melissa agreed to speak to just one of her accusers, Crissy. The women continue their face-to-face encounter. 


Is Melissa on a power trip?


Melissa's Meltdown

Melissa breaks down, and Dr. Phil breaks away from the women onstage to continue his discussion with her. Does she have a change of heart?

"I do feel sorry for what I've done."



Adoption Success Story 

Dr. Phil has something special in mind for Jen, Marie and Crissy. But are the women ready to accept his help?  



"It is the most beautiful, amazing experience."



Dr. Phil introduces Kelly Kiser-Mostrom, author of the book The Cruelest Con. He says, "This is a book that if you are considering entering the adoption arena, if you know somebody you love who is, you need to read this book. It's a manual. It should be required reading. So get it, keep it, give it to those who are entering that arena." He tells his guests, "I wish y'all had read it before this started. It would have changed things for you." Everyone in Dr. Phil's studio audience receives a copy. 

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