Classic Dr. Phil

Most parents find raising a child overwhelming enough, but imagine if your child could neither see, nor hear you. Now imagine having three such children. Liz is the mother of the only known deafblind triplets in the world.






"A Battle Ground"

Liz was an exhausted and overwhelmed single mother of four, including 6-year-old deafblind triplet daughters, when a new man stepped into her life. George helps share the burden, but now wonders what he got himself into. 


See a day in their life.




On a Collision Course with Disaster

Liz feels guilty for saying yes to George's proposal and inviting him into her world. George feels frustrated that his life has changed so much and that he can't fix it. The daily stress is beginning to tear them apart.


"You know what I thought? I thought, I'm going to save the day."





An Inspiration

Jennifer Rothschild became blind at 15, but she has never let it stand in her way. She thrives on living her life to the fullest and teaching others how to be free and alive regardless of their disability. She has a message for George and Liz.


"There are two heroes whom God has given those little girls."




Through Your Eyes

A former guest of Dr. Phil was inspired to help George and Liz. Cory is producing a documentary featuring the triplets to raise money and promote awareness about the plight of deafblind children. Get your copy now!


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See this family's update and another surprise from Dr. Phil!


Dr. Phil checks back in. Find out why they still need your help.