How ethical are you? Many people believe they would do the right thing when confronted with a dilemma, but what happens when the line between right and wrong becomes fuzzy?



Social Experiment

The Dr. Phil show wanted to test people's reactions to different ethical dilemmas. Trained actors rigged with hidden cameras hit the streets of New York City catching people's honest responses to real-life situations.


Will people turn in a shoplifter?


Do people keep or return extra change given to them by a cashier?


Does anyone intervene when they see a couple screaming and fighting?


Will anyone tell a woman about her wardrobe malfunctions?



How would you react? 



Sweet Revenge?

Mylissa says that after a bitter break up, the right thing to do is get revenge! She started a Web site where women can get tips and ideas on how to get back at an ex. Her mom and sister feel this is a moral outrage.


"Revenge keeps society in check."



Scamming the System?

Heather says her best friend, Roza, finds shady ways to save a buck, and her bagel and baby food schemes are no different than stealing. Roza says it's a fun game.



Will Roza change her ways?



To Tell or Not to Tell

Gina says she was previously involved with an abusive man and now faces a dilemma: should she tell his new girlfriend about his behavior? 



Is it Gina's place to say something or should she stay out?