Do you wish the whole world knew your name? Do you wonder how it would feel to stroll down the red carpet or have the paparazzi waiting for you as you walked out of a restaurant?



Grasping for the Golden Ticket

Jennifer recently auditioned for American Idol but didn't make the final cut to go to Hollywood. She thinks about her failed performance every day and says Simon Cowell crushed her dreams.  


"I guess I must be wishing on somebody else's star." 


Destined for Fame?

Elizabeth says she's determined to make her 9-year-old daughter, Alondra, a star. Her sister, Priscilla, says her niece is too heavy and doesn't have the talent to make it.  


Is Elizabeth setting her daughter up for failure?



Taylor Hicks went from virtual obscurity to instant stardom …all with the help of 64 million American Idol viewers. He has advice for Jennifer, and other would-be entertainers.  


Don't miss Taylor's riveting performance! 



Looking for the Limelight

Fourteen-year-old Shelby says she'll do anything to become famous. Living in a small Canadian city, she fears she'll never make it to Tinsel Town. 



Find out Dr. Phil and Taylor's advice for the teen.

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Taylor Hicks
Taylor Hicks