Four months have passed since Scott and Tara, John and Cherie, and Nic and Amanda moved out of The Dr. Phil House, armed with tools to save their crumbling marriages. How are they now?


Catch up on the Man Camp series, and watch exclusive video from inside The House!



The 90-Day Challenge

Tara says one of the biggest issues she and Scott fought about was kept secret from Dr. Phil. She's ready to come clean about a problem that she says is the reason why they're now living apart. 


"I don't have a problem," Scott says. "I can quit whenever."




A New Attitude

Cherie and John say the changes they're making are affecting their kids in a positive way, but they still struggle to keep from returning to bad habits. Cherie is still learning to stand up for herself, and John is learning to let go of the past. 


Read how the first four minutes of their day is saving their marriage.




Best Friends Again

Against Dr. Phil's advice, Amanda kept stripping in order to put food on the table. But now, working as a team, Nic and Amanda are planning their future, without exotic dancing or talk of divorce.   


"Our relationship is outstanding."



Man Camp Reunion

Dr. Phil meets with the three couples and imparts to them his hope for their future: that they give their children the greatest gift of all.  



"With the words you say, the actions you take, what did you write on them today?"

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