Do you think your child is the cutest, most talented little boy or girl you've ever seen and just has to become a star? Before you invest too much time and money into your little superstar, make sure you create boundaries and balance within your family.



"At Any Cost"

Katina worries her sister, Lisa, is pushing her 13-year-old daughter too hard and trying to live her dreams through her. Katina and Lisa were child actors, but Lisa says their mother was so pushy, she became physically abusive. 


Is this family history repeating itself?



Leaving the Other Kids Behind?

Todd and Patricia say they know their 11-year-old daughter is going to be a megastar, but they worry they may be giving too much attention to her and not enough to their other kids. Their son even moved out of the house to make a point!


How can they nurture her talent, but create balance in the family?



Too Much, Too Soon?

Lori and Bryan say their 13-year-old daughter is destined for country music stardom, but they are often told she's too young. Lori is a breast cancer survivor and feels an urgency for her daughter to make it big now, while she can provide guidance. 


Is the pressure affecting their daughter's health?