Dr. Phil's guests say they are tired of being bullied, bossed around and treated like personal assistants by their domineering spouses. They say they're ready to take a stand!



Personal Slave

Jodi says she's done catering to her husband, Frank's, every need and putting up with his abusive treatment. Frank says it's the woman's job to serve the husband, and he has the scripture to back it up.  


"I don't understand why my wife just won't obey me like she said in her wedding vows ... That's her job."



Who Wears the Pants?

Ahnika says her sister, Sarissa, is going to lose her husband, Jason, if she doesn't stop bossing him around. Sarissa says she's forced to take control because Jason doesn't know how to wear the pants in the family.


"My wife makes me feel emasculated."