Do you know a happy person who, if crossed, blows up in an instant with uncontrollable rage? Intermittent Explosive Disorder may explain why a person, all of a sudden, loses control, breaks objects, hurts someone else or even threatens to do worse. Dr. Phil's guests go from placid to anger-filled in a matter of seconds and don't know how to control their behavior.



Raging Bob

Carrie says her husband, Bob, can be totally calm one minute and fuming the next. He screams in her face, flips off drivers and has even punched a guy so hard it knocked his eye out. Bob says he doesn't know why he's so angry.


What's at the root of Bob's anger?





Menacing Melinda

Traci says her 17-year-old daughter, Melinda, is tearing their family apart. She says Melinda snaps and becomes violent for no reason. Melinda has even punched holes in walls, thrown a blender and threatened her sister's life.


"She's the devil."


How is Melinda now?