With a 50 percent divorce rate in America, do people get married believing that signing on the line will make everything in their relationship better? Dr. Phil meets husbands who are out of control and the wives who hate being married to them.



Sex Addiction Destroying a Family

Six months ago, Karrie found out that her husband of 10 years, Ben, cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend. He has also spent thousands of dollars on strippers and pornography, sinking them deep into debt.


"This is a symbol of death, not of fidelity."

Bait and Switch?

When Ben and Karrie first started dating, Karrie was the aggressor keeping their sex life wild and crazy. She even wanted Ben to have sex with another woman.


Is Ben the only one to blame for their crumbling marriage?

Newlywed Nightmare

Defina and Sean have been married only two months, but she says she is obsessed with checking his cell phone, voice mail, and even his underwear to see if he's been cheating. She's found proof that he's been unfaithful twice.


Should Defina get out now, or is Sean ready to change?