Imagine waking up at dawn to discover your 9-year-old child missing. The next day police call saying they've found your son " but he's halfway across the country at the San Antonio airport! Imaging learning that your 16-year-old daughter has not only run away, but has been using the Internet to work as a prostitute. Dr. Phil catches up with two youths who have taken running away to a dangerous extreme.



Boy on the Run

Semaj stole three cars and ran away nine times in just five weeks. He's charged with three felonies, including auto theft, attempting to elude a police officer on a high-speed chase, and driving without a valid driver's license.


Why does Semaj feel the need to bolt?



For Sale on Craigslist

Amy's 16-year-old daughter, Tiffany, ran away and became involved in a prostitution ring. The concerned mom discovered her daughter's behavior the way a lot of people find used furniture or apartments to rent: on Craigslist!   


"I fear my family could be killed."



Looking for a Role Model

Tiffany has two younger sisters who idolize her, and Amy fears that they will follow in their older sister's footsteps. Dr. Phil goes backstage to sit down with the girls for a talk.  



"Have you been sexually active with your boyfriend?"



A Final Word

Dr. Phil shares some final thoughts on the challenges facing the modern parent and offers valuable advice to all parents.




"I want to hear from you. Write to me."