With reality TV and the virtual worlds of MySpace and YouTube, becoming an instant star is easier than ever. But to what lengths will some people go for celebrity?



Greedy for Greatness

Perry and Michael directed the documentary American Cannibal and were shocked by how far some people would go for stardom. Many contestants said they would eat a finger or even starve themselves to death for fame!


"Reality is just twisted up until it becomes just hype." 


High Price for Purity

Brian is so desperate for a rich-and-famous lifestyle that he's willing to give up his virginity on national TV. Brian thinks losing his innocence for millions is a good career move, but what happens if he doesn't make the cut on the show?


"I think it would be cooler to lose my virginity to a porn star."


Spontaneous Stardom

Sam, an unforgettable contestant on the reality show The Apprentice, reveals for the first time how he hit rock-bottom chasing the celebrity dream.



"I found the camera seductive."


Internet Queen

Somaya insists that self-promotion on the Internet has made her a star who attends red carpet events. Her best friend, Alysia, says using the Web for publicity is so dangerous, it even garnered Somaya a stalker!


Is Alysia really concerned for her friend, or is she just jealous?

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