Dr. Phil meets guests who say their perfect day was ruined by everything from booze, to broken down limousines, to grooms from hell, and now their marriages suffer because they can't stop reliving their wedding gone bad. 



Guzzler Groom

Nicole says her husband, T.J., destroyed their wedding when he got so drunk that he could barely say his vows. Things turned from bad to worse when T.J. got violent. T.J. says it's time for Nicole to forgive and forget.


"There were about 10 to 12 squad cars."



Cursed Couple?

Paul and Janice describe their wedding as a disaster, which culminated in a motorcycle accident that put them in the hospital on their wedding night. Even worse, they say they've experienced nothing but bad luck ever since.  


"To know us is to know bad luck."



Mortified Bride

Monica says everything went wrong on her big day, from stranded guests to missed music cues, and she has no good memory of the occasion. Her husband, Mark, says the important thing is that they're married, and he couldn't be happier.


How can he get his bride to stop dwelling on their faulty beginning?