When you enter into a new relationship, putting your best foot forward and making a solid commitment is important. But how do you do that if you've been burned in the past or are still in love with an ex?



Poking Around for Proof

Kirsten says she believes all men cheat, and so she must snoop to protect herself. She checks her boyfriend, Chris', cell phone, bank statements and has even hacked into his e-mail. Chris says he doesn't give her any reason not to trust him.


Should Kirsten be concerned, or has her jealously gone too far?



Too Quick to Tie the Knot?

Kelynn, 20, and Laurie, 21, were married nine months, and expecting their first child when Kelynn ran into his first girlfriend and realized he still had feelings for her. Laurie can't get over the news and fears it could destroy their marriage.


"If I knew then what I know now, we probably would not have gotten married."



Stuck on an Old Flame

Lamar has not been able to move past his first love, whom he dated in college. He is so caught up in the old relationship and why she broke up with him, that he hasn't been able to date or even look at another woman in five years.


The surprise he never expected.