Alex was an out-of-control 14-year-old who was stealing, running away, doing drugs and prostituting herself to older men when her family asked Dr. Phil to intervene. Catch up on what you missed and see exclusive footage from inside The Dr. Phil House!



Saying Goodbye

After a tumultuous stay in The Dr. Phil House, Alex comes to terms with having to leave immediately for the Academy of the Sierras, a therapeutic school where she can focus on getting healthy. 


"It's not just about Alex; it's about all of us."



Finding Herself

Six weeks have passed since Alex left for the academy, and her family returned home without her. How is she adjusting to a new structured environment?  



Fifteen pounds lighter and a new attitude.



Separate Ways

While Alex has been away, her family has been trying to make changes so that her home life is healthier when she returns. Have Kim, Jeanette and Enza put aside their angry accusations and come together once and for all? 


"I don't think she can be trusted."



Family Reunion

Kim and Jeanette have been struggling to live under the same roof. Kim has resentments from her childhood that she can't let go of, and Jeanette feels disrespected.  


Dr. Phil tells them what needs to happen when Alex returns.


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