Nearly a month has passed since the burial of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, and though she's been laid to rest, the fighting and bitterness continue. Around water coolers across America, people have been talking about the alleged secret meeting between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead " two of the men claiming to have fathered her daughter, Dannielynn. Exactly who is Dannielynn's biological dad, and who will get custody of the baby?


Find out what happened on the first show.



A Difficult Assignment
Kevin Frazier and producer Bonnie Tiegel of Entertainment Tonight share some recent developments in the ongoing Anna Nicole Smith saga.



Find out what evidence police have confiscated.



A Sister's Struggle

Howard K. Stern's sister, Bonnie, wants to set the record straight about Howard and Anna's relationship. Find out why she's certain Howard is the father of Dannielynn.



"He is totally and utterly destroyed." 


Battle over the Baby 

Joining Dr. Phil from Broward County, Florida, are Larry Birkhead's new attorneys, Susan Brown and Nancy Hass. They discuss the latest ruling on the future of baby Dannielynn.


"Would you give a kidnapper visitation?"


"A Media Circus"

Alex Goen, CEO of TrimSpa, and his wife, Monique, were good friends of Anna. They both admit they were disgusted with the antics displayed at Anna's funeral.


What made them call the funeral "outlandish"?



A Child in the Crossfire 

Dr. Phil reflects on the future of Dannielynn, and shares advice for the person awarded custody of the six-month-old.



"Stop! Everybody just stop!"

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