"When I think I've seen it all, then I get a wake-up call," Dr. Phil says of his guests who are involved in an extremely intense relationship. Jeffrey's obsession with his wife, Jennifer, has careened out of control. He says he loves her so much he goes to extremes to watch her every move. Can this marriage be saved, or does Jennifer need to be rescued from her husband?



Obsessed with Controlling His Wife

Jennifer says she is ready to leave her jealous and domineering husband once and for all. She says he has physically, emotionally and mentally trapped her. Jeffrey admits his preoccupation with his wife is consuming him.


"I've done things to keep her where I'm comfortable."

Keeping an Eye on Her

Jennifer says Jeffrey spies on her every move. He admits to hiring a teen to follow her, installing hidden cameras in the house, placing a tracking device and microphone in her car and listening to her conversations.


Has he been hiding something more sinister?

Is Jennifer up to No Good?

Two years into their marriage, Jeffrey used a wiretap and twice caught Jennifer cheating. Is she at it again? Jeffrey shares his recent discoveries.


"Jennifer tends to be very flirtatious. She can be a tease."


Jennifer says when she thinks about getting out of her marriage, she worries Jeffrey may try and hurt her. She has caught him taking nude pictures of her and wonders if he's done more while she's sleeping. 


"He wants to keep me in this little Jeffrey bubble."



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