With help from a team of four doctors who have four different specialties, Dr. Phil busts medical myths and answers your burning questions!



The Doctors Are In!

From women over 40 having babies to celebrities entering rehab, the four physicians discuss some controversial headlines.




"These women should be applauded."



The Fountain of Youth?

When Tracy realized how easy it is to look younger, she decided she would give it a shot. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon gives her a 15-minute makeover.



Don't miss Tracy's amazing results!



Bedtime Blues

Amy and her husband, Joe, say getting their two girls to sleep can take up to two hours and involves lots of tantrums.




Will they finally be able to get some ZZZZs? 



Great Expectations

Yenyfer is six months pregnant, but she hasn't seen a doctor in three months and hasn't had an ultrasound. The mom-to-be wants to make sure everything is OK with the baby ... and wonders if she's having twins!


 Dr. Masterson performs an ultrasound on stage.



Your Questions Answered

Dr. Phil goes in his mailbag and answers viewers' tough questions!





From penis enlargement pills to earwax, no question is too small!



Self-Conscious about Her Stomach

Christinne's youngest child is 8, but she says her belly looks like she's four months pregnant. The mother of four doesn't even let people hug her, because she feels so bad about her body.



See Dr. Phil's surprise for Christinne!



No Bones about It!

KD exercises three times a week, lifts weights and maintains a healthy diet. So how could she have osteoporosis?




Learn Dr. Stork's words of caution for KD.