The complicated and intense story of Jennifer and Jeffrey continues. Jeffrey is so obsessed with his wife that he follows her every move. He has locked her in the basement, taken inappropriate pictures of her while she sleeps, tapped her phone conversations, tracked her with a GPS, alienated her from friends and family and isolated her at home financially, physically and socially. Will Jeffrey finally decide to step up and get help for his out-of-control behavior?


See Jennifer and Jeffrey's update.


Find out where Jeffrey is now!


Caught in the Middle of the Madness

Jeffrey and Jennifer's three kids suffer the consequences of their parents' fighting. Their eldest child has watched his father track his mother and listen to her conversations. Is there any boundary Jeffrey won't cross in his efforts to control Jennifer?


"I don't want my girls to think that they have to put up with something like this."

Jennifer Opens Up

Jeffrey goes backstage so Dr. Phil and Jennifer can speak one on one. Without her husband sitting next to her intimidating and controlling her, what does Jennifer reveal about her situation?


"This isn't love that does this."

Backstage Meltdown

As Jeffrey waits in the green room, he becomes physically ill. Dr. Phil confronts him and offers a solution.



"Are you man enough to step up and do it?"

Moving Forward

Both Jeffrey and Jennifer join Dr. Phil onstage. How does Jennifer feel after watching Jeffrey's breakdown? Can they both agree on a plan for the family?


"I don't see an evil guy when I look at you."

Final Thoughts
At the end of the show, Dr. Phil explains why he isn't telling Jennifer to leave Jeffrey right now. "I think the healthier we can get him, the better this union is going to be for the children who are involved," he says. "If, [after he receives help], she makes the election to divorce him and move on " which she very well may " then at least he will come to it with some focus and some stability to be a good partner with her in raising these children as divorced man and wife, if that's where we're headed."