They became household names when scandal rocked their lives. Find out what happened to Paula Jones, Donna Rice, Baby M and her surrogate mother, Mary Beth Whitehead. Plus, Baby Jessica - all grown up.



Mary Beth Whitehead became America's most famous surrogate mother in 1986 when she refused to hand over "Baby M."





Find out how they are doing today.


Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky survived scandalous encounters with President Clinton " while Donna Rice cost Gary Hart his bid for the presidency.




See what they're doing now.


Millions watched as baby Jessica was rescued from a well 16 years ago. Another famous baby, whose photograph came to symbolize the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing, didn't survive.




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The Protecting People First Foundation
Helped to pass a law requiring that parents with children enrolled in daycare inside a federal building be notified of bomb threats.
Enough Is Enough
Works to protect children and families from illegal pornography and on-line predators.