Anna Nicole Smith's death shocked the country, but one woman wasn't surprised. Donna Hogan, Anna's estranged half sister, says she loved her famous sibling but believes Anna was a train wreck waiting to happen.


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For Love or Money?

Donna Hogan hasn't seen or spoken to her half-sister, Anna, in years, but has penned an unauthorized book called, Train Wreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith.


Is Donna out to tarnish Anna's memory?


Family Drama

Bonnie Tiegel, senior supervising producer for The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, sheds light on Anna's tumultuous family ties.



Find out what Anna said about her relationship with Donna. 



Disputing the Facts

Howard K. Stern's sister, Bonnie, engages in a heated exchange with Donna.  



Why do Donna's allegations offend her? 



Defending Anna

Alex Goen, CEO of TrimSpa, addresses Anna's weight-loss rumors. His wife, Monique, has harsh words for Donna.



"It seems like you're morphing into her." 



Getting Even?

Kevin Frazier, weekend host and correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, shares a conversation he had with Anna's former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead. Plus, Dr. Phil drills down to find out if Donna has an ulterior motive.


"Isn't it true you wanted to hurt her?"

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Train Wreck:
The Life and Death of
Anna Nicole Smith
By Donna Hogan and Henrietta Tiefenthaler