Parents face off against teens in what Dr. Phil calls "one of the most disgusting displays of bad behavior on both sides that I have seen in years."



Family in Crisis

Brenda and Jim can't agree on how to discipline Brenda's three teenage sons. Though the boys have punched holes in the walls, left home for days at a time and physically attacked Jim, Brenda says Jim's punishments are unfair. 


"My parenting philosophy has always been that kids will raise themselves."



Dr. Phil's Intervention

Brenda's three sons, Koltin, Austin and Dustin, say Jim is the one who instigates the fights, and that they only fight back in self-defense. Can Dr. Phil get this chaotic family back on track before Brenda and Jim's marriage is destroyed?


"Your behavior is atrocious, horrible, ridiculous. You guys are not bad kids."



Creative Punishments

Judge Michael Cicconetti finds the most effective punishments to be the ones that teach a lesson through humiliation. An opponent of creative punishments, Carole McKindley-Alvarez, says they cause more harm than good.


What does Dr. Phil think? 

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