In-laws can be the kind who give unwanted advice, stop by unexpectedly and use guilt and manipulation to get what they want. But sometimes, they are loving parents who get caught in the middle of their child's relationship.



"A Miserable Human Being"

Amanda says she hates her meddling, controlling, know-it-all mother-in-law, Yolande, because she's out to destroy her marriage. Yolande says Amanda is an uneducated drunk who is wrecking her son, Pierre's, life. Pierre says he has difficulty choosing a side.


"She is like evil walking through the door."



Fly on the Wall

Amanda says that she hates when Pierre and Yolande talk in French in front of her because she can't understand them. She believes they are speaking negatively about her, but both deny it. Is she being paranoid?

Unbeknownst to the pair, Amanda tuned into their conversation.


Has Pierre changed?


Is Yolande still clinching the purse strings?



Fearless Fighting

John and Chrissy put their engagement on hold because they say they can't stop bickering. They hit and slap each other and call each other vulgar names " often in front of their 8-month-old. John's mom, Charlene, says they both need to grow up!


"You don't deserve to have that baby."