No matter how much we try to avoid it, conflict is a part of life. But what happens when an entire family points the finger at one person as the source of the chaos?



Addicted to Strife?

Carrie's family calls her a drama queen who tries to destroy their relationships. Her sister, Miranda, says Carrie calls their mother trash and wants their father to divorce her.


"I don't feel accepted." 



A Daughter in Denial? 

Carrie's parents, LaRon and Susan, confront her about trying to break up their marriage. Carrie hasn't spoken to her mom in over a month, and they face off onstage.


Will mother and daughter be able to reconcile?


Her Brother's Keeper

Carrie and her brother, Meikle, used to be close but haven't spoken since last summer. Meikle says Carrie is upset because she didn't approve of his fiancée, Kelley, and she now refuses to attend his wedding.



"I think my family is trying to replace me with Kelley." 



Suffering in Silence 

For five years, Carrie has hidden a shocking secret from everyone except her father. Find out what it is, and why LaRon agreed to a vow of secrecy.



"I know what I have is dangerous."