Do you know someone whose behavior always makes you scratch your head? Dr. Phil has advice for guests who wonder if their actions are out of control.



The Exorcist

Rev. Bob Larson has been performing exorcisms for over 30 years. He says he can't believe how many people are possessed by the devil and need his help to save them from evil.


Is Rev. Larson on a witch hunt, or can people really be possessed? 



"My Whole Life Is Policed"

Nikkea says her boyfriend, Adam, lies so much, she has to watch his every move to see if he's cheating. She checks his cell phone, e-mails and text messages, and even checks the passenger seat of his car to see if it's been occupied!


Why can't she stop snooping? 


Eight is Enough!
In October 2004, Jon and Kate found out they were pregnant with sextuplets. As if that weren't kids enough, they already had twins! The couple chronicles their hectic life in a new series on Discovery Health called Jon and Kate Plus Eight.


Don't miss Dr. Phil's surprises for the family!



Belles of the Purity Ball

Is it normal for girls as young as 11 to make a commitment to remain a virgin until marriage? The father who created an institution known as the Purity Ball faces off against a woman who adamantly opposes them.


What does Dr. Phil think?