Two women say they feel abandoned by their loved ones because of their excessive weight.



"He's All I Have"

Lorna weighs an extraordinary 650-plus pounds and is held captive in her home by her own obesity. Her boyfriend, Blair, is left to be her caretaker because Lorna says her family has written her off.


"She got herself in that situation; she's responsible to get herself back out of it."



Making a Bad Situation Worse

Lorna's sister, Glenice, is concerned for Lorna's safety. She's had to call the police on Blair for abusing Lorna. Blair admits he loses his temper and is not proud of it. Lorna says he just needs help because taking care of her is a stressful job.


"I took her hairbrush, and I broke it into pieces over her arm."



Dream Buster

Sunni weighs almost 300 pounds and wants to pursue a career in plus-size modeling. Her boyfriend, Christian, thinks she's wasting her time and is too chunky for the catwalk. Sunni believes she is big and fabulous, despite what he thinks.


Choosing between her boyfriend and her dream.

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