This Dr. Phil Family is angry, out of control, and about to face an intervention in The Dr. Phil House! Gene and Myra have had a tumultuous 20-year relationship full of betrayals, infidelity, anger and bitter resentment. Married only six years, Myra has been unable to forgive Gene for four infidelities in the past, including one with a 19-year-old, and her anger grows stronger every day. Explosive fights are common in their household, and their children are fed up with the dysfunction. Melissa, 22, couldn't take it anymore and moved away from her extreme family. She wrote to Dr. Phil for help. Edwin, 20, and Eugene, 17, are still witnesses to their parents' volatile fighting. Edwin says he feels like an outcast in his own family and is tired of being picked on by his mother. Eugene says he's often pulled into his parents' arguments and can't wait to move out and go to college. Gene says he wants to do what he can to get Myra to forgive and forget, but do his Internet activities say the opposite?

Part 1 summary:

Gene and Myra move into The Dr. Phil House one night before the rest of the family. The bickering starts immediately and a game of Truth or Dare turns ugly. The next day, Dr. Phil meets with them and uncovers the truth about how their relationship started, and why they began with a shaky foundation. Can a relationship that began as an affair stand a chance?


Part 2 summary:
To help Myra get over her anger at Gene's adulterous past, Dr. Phil arranges for her to sit down with Lee, a pregnant self-proclaimed mistress in a long-term relationship with a married man. Before they get far into their conversation, Gene intrudes and begins to tell Lee his side of the story. As the arguing between the couple heats up, Lee is left to watch the fireworks. Next, since Gene admits he treats women as sexual objects, Dr. Phil has a surprise for him. Three successful women arrive at the house, determined to change Gene's views about the opposite sex. After listening to them speak on behalf of women everywhere, Gene breaks down, and says he wants to become a better husband. The ladies are not convinced. Melissa, Edwin and Eugene join their parents in the house. After trying to have secret conversations off camera, Melissa gets a wake-up call when Dr. Phil knocks on the door. Is she sabotaging her family's opportunity for a healthier future? Then, in an exercise designed to get to the root of their resentments for each other, each family member takes a turn in the "hot seat" while the others open up about what they hate about them. Gene can't take the criticism and says he's going home.

Extra Content

Dr. Phil gave Gene and Myra a series of tests on their relationship. Take these tests to help you better understand your troubled relationship: