Imagine your mother so high on prescription drugs that she falls face first into her food, or your husband on a 15-day drug binge that ends with him passing out in front of your young children. For Dr. Phil's guests, these scenarious are their grim reality. 



Shattered Family

Becky says her life was once a fairy tale with her husband, Donell, and their two little girls. The dream died four years ago when Donell got addicted to methamphetamines. Now he goes missing for days at a time on his drug binges. 


"If he doesn't get help soon, he will die."



Pill-Popping Mom

Janet admits she's been hooked on drugs for 25 years but says she recently flushed her pills down the toilet and she is now clean. Her three adult children say they've lived with her drug abuse their entire lives, and they don't believe her.


"She always lies about her drug use."



Like Mother, Like Son?

Janet says she has a hard time hearing criticism from her son, Michael, because he's strung out on more drugs than she. Michael says he does drugs because he grew up around a mother who did them, but the difference is he can quit.


"I could quit cold turkey. I've quit before."

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